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Dear Fellow Author:

I'm happy to provide some quick answers to the inquiries we've received via text and email.


Is it First Come First Served? Yes, it's indeed a First Come First Served basis. Due to the high demand, we recommend securing your order promptly to ensure availability.

Ownership of the Template: When you purchase the template, you and your ministry or business own it outright. It's yours to customize, use, and promote as your own unique product.

Additional Topics: In response to the overwhelming interest, we've added more topics, including Prayers for Marriage and Career. We can also customize according to a specific topic you desire, but please note that customization may take a bit longer.

Special Pricing Update: Our DECEMBER TO REMEMBER SPECIAL is underway! We're excited to announce our December to Remember promotion, kicking off at $400. It's a fantastic rate, so don't miss out on this opportunity.

Can I Order More Than One?

Yes, you can absolutely order more than 1 at a time. Just add to the cart at check out. 

And we've also created a special bundle where you can get (5) for just $1500.

When Will I Receive My Template?

Once you order and we CONFIRM your customization we will deliver within 7 days. Bulk order will be delivered within 7 to 14 days. But all those who order WILL be ready to release in DECEMBER.

If you have any further questions or would like to secure your order, feel free to reach out. We appreciate your interest and look forward to assisting you with your Prayer Journal needs.

Remember you need to GO HERE to make your order or SEE all the customizations that are available.


Best Regards,

Apostle Dwann



P.S. Thanks to those who have placed your orders. First batches went out December 1st!


Own The Copyright

You own the copyright. You can do what you want with it. Give away to partners. Sell at events. Upload to Amazon or your own website.


We've done the research. We've created the content. We've created the marketing kit just for you.

Publish In 7 Days

Reserve your custom journal today and get on our email list when MORE come out. Publish yours just in time for the new year.

Here are five compelling reasons to consider this unique investment:


1. **Special Author - Investor Pricing:**

   As an investor - author, you'll have the opportunity to purchase these custom journals at a flat SPECIAL rate of $400, compared to the standard rate of $600. This exclusive pricing ensures a higher return on your investment and provides a cost-effective way to introduce a valuable spiritual resource to your community.


2. **Dual Sales Channels:**

   Our strategic sales approach includes showcasing these custom journals at various ministry events and selling them on platforms like Amazon. By aligning with your ministry events, you not only create an additional revenue stream but also foster a deeper connection with your audience, making the product more impactful.


3. **Ownership of Copyright:**

   Your investment includes the exclusive ownership of the copyright for the custom prayer journal you choose. This not only secures your investment but empowers you to use the journals as your own product, promoting them at ministry events or through your online channels. This ownership enhances the flexibility and value of your investment.


4. **Bonus Marketing Kit:**

   To further support your investment, we are providing an extensive marketing kit as a bonus. This kit includes tailored promotional materials, social media content, and strategies specifically designed to maximize visibility at ministry events and online. The bonus marketing kit ensures that your investment is backed by a robust promotional infrastructure.


5. **Positive Impact on Ministry:**

   Beyond the financial aspect, your investment will contribute to the positive impact of your ministry. These custom prayer journals serve as powerful tools for personal growth, reflection, and spiritual connection. By integrating them into your ministry events, you not only enhance your attendees' experience but also create a sustainable revenue stream for your ministry.


If you’re interested and ready to invest in one of the 5 available prayer journals just click here to reserve yours and to find out which TOPICS are available right now. 


If you have questions or want to know if we can do a SPECIAL ORDER for your ministry just reply back or click here for a quick phone call or text your question to 877.595.9117.


We would be delighted to discuss this opportunity further and address any questions you may have.


We look forward to the possibility of collaborating to bring these custom prayer ministry journals to your community.


Best Regards,


Apostle Dwann


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